My Story…

After completing a degree in Events Management with Business Management I embarked on my career working for venues. During the last 10 years, I’ve worked for several diverse venues within multiple roles. In 2010 I was head hunted to manage a venue brand new to the wedding scene.

Above is a photo of Old Down Estate - a stunning Manor house wedding venue on the edge of the Cotswolds. I started working here in 2010 and set the venue up from scratch bringing the business over £8million + worth of revenue in 5 years. You could call it a success story with over 100 weddings + events being held annually. It serves couples impreccably time after time, delivering on promises made at the enquiry stage.

Getting there wasn't easy though. The endless late nights trying to be a master of all trades including HR, marketing, finance, sales and front of house was tough. I burned out many times, didn't think we'd open on schedule (when we had several weddings on the books), had to deal with many construction issues, staffing issues, low enquiries, maintenance issues and much, much more. Looking after a venue is certainly not a walk in the park, it's hard graft.

But the rewards are massive and once the honeymoon period had worn off, we knew we were on to a winner. We had an incredible venue which almost sold itself. I just implemented strategies and processes to ensure we sold out, time and time again whilst delivering fantastic customer service.

I'm passionate about wedding venues and the value and memories they give to engaged couples. The venue forms such a huge part of a wedding day (both in time spent there and budget). I've really been there, done that and reaped the rewards and true success.I now want to help you to do the same. Whether your venue is new, existing or emerging.

I live in South Gloucestershire with my Husband and son and I love nothing more than a good countryside walk and spending time with my family.


I found Olivia so easy to talk to and she knows so much about the wedding business .
I had a list of questions to ask but she seemed to know just what I needed to know without asking.
I am so excited to put the things we have been talking about into practice .
Thank you so much Olivia you have been great!
— Samantha, Secret Garden Soirees Nottingham